Telephone Line Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: Telephone Line (9th book in the Country Club Murders Series)

Author: Julie Mulhern

Publisher: Henery Press

About the Book

Ellison Russell is planning a fundraising gala and she is stressed. She tries yoga to calm her mind, but when her yoga instructor is murdered in the middle of class, it does nothing for her stress levels. Now she’s on the hunt for a killer and clues bring things in a direction she cannot believe. Can she figure out the truth before her own life is on the line?

Marie’s Thoughts

Julie Mulhern has the magic formula for the perfect mystery. They are smartly written and infused with humor, while also dealing with issues that cause you to stop and think. I always look forward to Julie’s books and this one was no exception. I hope this series has no plans of ending anytime soon, because it is one of my favorites!

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