The Ugly Truth Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: The Ugly Truth (3rd book in the Riley Ellison Mystery Series)

Author: Jill Orr

Publisher: Prospect Park Books

About the Book

When a shocking double murder rocks the cozy town of Tuttle Corner, Virginia, newspaper reporter Riley Ellison and her fellow reporter Will Holman are on the case. They are taken on enough twists and turns to leave their heads spinning. Can they find the truth and restore order to their town?

Marie’s Thoughts

This was the first book in the Riley Ellison Mystery Series I have read and I did not feel left behind. I enjoyed the characters. Riley is a fun protagonist. She has enough levels to her character that you root for her. I love her cast of supporting characters, especially her newspaper partner, Will Holman. I cannot wait to read more books by Jill Orr!

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