Tips for Cozy Mystery Online Giveaway Success

Everyone loves a good giveaway. But sometimes it’s hard to want to keep entering giveaways when you haven’t seen any recent success come from your efforts. We’ve all been there. But hopefully you’ve had that warm fuzzy feeling of winning a giveaway every now and then too.

I have found some of my favorite cozy mystery authors through winning a giveaway they hosted. Today I want to talk a little about cozy mystery giveaways. What they are, where to find them, and tips for success.

What is a Cozy Mystery Giveaway?

A cozy mystery giveaway is a contest in which an author, publishing house, or individual gives you the opportunity win a free books or other swag when you enter their contest. This is traditionally done with the intention to increase visibility for the author and their work, as well as gain excitement around their brand.

Where do you find Cozy Mystery Giveaways?

The main ways I have seen cozy mystery giveaways produced are through Facebook, other forms of social media, advertised through blog posts, or exclusively through an author’s email list.

There are a couple Facebook Groups specifically designed as places where individuals can post giveaways they find. Anyone is welcome to join these groups and participate.

Cozy Mystery Giveaways
Cozy Mystery Deals and Giveaways

At a Cozy Experience, I also compile a list of some of my favorite giveaways every week. Join our eNews list to make sure you’re getting these updates as they come out.

Blogs are also a great way to find cozy mystery giveaways. Some of the top cozy mystery blogs host giveaways regularly. Two in particular that regularly host several giveaways per week are King’s River Life Magazine and Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours.

There are several authors who hold giveaways exclusively for those individuals on their email lists. Their giveaways are then delivered to your Inbox directly. A couple authors who have email lists you’ll want to be sure to join up with are Tonya Kappes and Kathi Daley

Facebook Parties are also a great way to find giveaways. Authors many times give away items when they hold a live Facebook Party.

Tips for Entering Success

There is no sure fire method to win this type of contest. Everything is luck of the draw. But there are a couple factors that it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to.

Size of Contest.

Look around for contests that may not have as large of a group participating. Blog posts are a good one for this. If entries are tabulated via comments on a blog post, check the number of comments. If a lot of people have entered yet, this might be a good one to try!

Enter Often.

One of the easiest ways to ensure you win a giveaway every now and then is to enter giveaways often. Entering smaller giveaways on a regular basis is a great way to set yourself up for success.

Make Sure You Thank the Author.

Authors don’t have to host giveaways. They do them as  fun way to interact with fans. Show your appreciation by thanking them via social media for their generosity. If you won a book, don’t forget to read and review it.

Cozy Mystery Giveaways are Great!

They not only provide you the opportunity to win free stuff from your favorite authors, but also introduce you to new authors. They also give us exclusive access to our favorite authors and the chance to personally interact with them.

Do you enjoy entering cozy mystery giveaways? Have you won any recently?

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5 years ago

Giveaways area a great way to try a new author.

Jen Frame
Jen Frame
5 years ago

I love giveaways. I have found so many new authors this way. I have also found that cozy mystery authors are incredibly generous. I love how any cozy mystery author I have contacted replies back right away and enjoys hearing from their readers.