Top Cozy Mystery Facebook Groups

Cozy Mystery Facebook Groups. There are a lot of them out there. Some of them are so much fun and places where I’ve connected with authors and fellow readers. Others just feel like a dumping ground for people to link to their latest blog post or book release and then ride off into the sunset.

Today I wanted to talk a little about what makes a great Cozy Mystery Facebook Group and highlight some of my favorites. First, what criteria am I using to determine what makes a good Cozy Facebook Group?

A Clearly Defined Purpose
My favorite groups are the ones where there is a clear purpose to the Group. People know what the point of the group is and what types of items they can (and cannot) post.

A Strong Group Leader
Even groups with a great topic can get off course without a strong leader / moderator to keep things on track. An organized moderator with a vision for the group can make a group stand out from the pack.

An Engaged Community
People who actually talk to each other, support each other, and communicate vs. post their latest thing and then check out to the next group. You know which groups I mean. The ones where you feel you know the participants and look forward to hearing from them.

Now, some of my favorites and why.

First, a quick note: I tried to keep this limited to stand alone Facebook Groups. Not groups that were associated with a Blog (since we already chatted about Cozy Blogs last week), nor Author FB Pages (we can tackle that another time too).

Save Our Cozies

This group was formed to let people know what is going on with cozies and authors. It has a verified list of cancelled series and it is a place authors will update readers as to what is going on with their books. While new releases, reviews, etc. are shared, it isn’t overdone and group participants are active and comment on each other’s posts.

Cozy Mystery Once A Month Book Club

In this group, participants pick one book a month and read it together. Then the group will discuss the book towards the end of the month (many times with the author on the chat as well). The Group is non-promotional and a nice, relaxing place for cozy mystery lovers to come together and chat. Participating in this group lead me to find a new author and series I love that will be featured in our April Cozy Experience book box.

First Line Monday

This group celebrates the well written first line. Every Monday morning, you leave the first line of the book you are currently reading. It is fun to see what everyone is reading. Many first lines are from cozies, but it’s not required to participate.

Craving for Cozies Challenge

This is a fun place to keep track of how many cozies you’ve read through the year. If you would like, you can pick the level you’d like to participate at and aim for a certain number of books a year. It’s fun to see what everyone is reading and celebrate with fellow cozy readers as we finish each book.

Cozy Mystery Giveaways

This is a new group and I won’t lie. I’m addicted. It’s a place for people to post any and all cozy mystery giveaways they come across. It is a great place to go if you want to enter a giveaway or see who the winner of recent giveaways was.

Bonus: A Cozy Experience: Your Monthly Cozy Mystery Book Box Discussion Group

We have a Group too! Our Cozy Experience Facebook Group is dedicated to chatting about our monthly featured cozy book and the book box experiences. This is where our monthly Facebook Author Parties are hosted. It is a non-promotional group and a safe space for cozy mystery lovers to come and talk about good books.

Facebook Groups can be a great way to interact with your favorite authors, chat with fellow readers, and win yourself some free swag or discounted products. But with so many groups out there, the choices of which ones to join can be overwhelming. I hope this list has helped give you an idea of some great groups to check out!

What are your favorite Cozy Mystery Facebook Groups? Did they make the list? Tell us about your faves in the comments below.

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6 years ago

Oh wow! Thank you so much for including First Line Monday in your list. I can’t tell you what that means to me.

Kim Davis
Kim Davis
6 years ago

What a great list! And there are a couple groups I wasn’t aware of. Thanks!

Paula Jacobson
Paula Jacobson
5 years ago

I follow the Cozy Mystery Once a Month Book Club and Save Our Cozies.

5 years ago

what a great group glad I found you!