Under the Radar Book Review

Just the Facts

Title: Under the Radar (Zoe Chambers Mystery #9)

Author: Annette Dashofy

Publisher: Henery Press

About the Book

Paramedic and deputy coroner, Zoe Chambers responds to an emergency call only to determine her friend Horace has shot a man who has been bullying him for years. It is ruled self-defense, but when other bullies turn up dead, Horace becomes the top suspect. Zoe is determined to clear his name. However, she has more than one mystery to keep her busy when she gets a lead on tracking down her long-lost sibling. Can Zoe solve both mysteries and keep herself out of the line of fire?

Marie’s Thoughts

This is the first book in the series I read and I really enjoyed it. The author does a great job of bringing you into Zoe’s world. I didn’t feel left behind starting the series in the middle. The characters are full of life and the mystery kept me hooked from beginning to end. 

You’re Invited to a Party

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